token can be found on Binance Smart Chain, which rewards people for investing, building, and holding the coin. Rich quack aim at making investors hodl it coin for long rather than trading it.

Rich quack project’s primary goal is targeted towards becoming a safe and secure investing and fundraising platform. You can also win the jackpot for holding and playing the lotto that pays. 

Rich Quack wants to build a community of people ready to work hard to attain its objective. It rewards its coin holders by paying them a dividend for holding the coin. Rewards are credited to the holder’s balance by a smart contract.

12 percent fee is levied on each transaction, 4% of the transaction is rewarded to holders, 4% as liquidity pool, 2% percent goes to marketing and developer wallet, and 2% goes to pump and burn wallets. This makes rick quack generate revenue to fund advertisement, promotion, reward holders, and burn coins.

Over 100 quadrillion of the token in supply, with 50% the supply seeded as liquidity and 50% into the rich quack black hole algorithm.

It also has a 3% marketing wallet with 1% in deployer wallet for airdrop and staking promo and 2% locked in rich quack team finance for up to 2 years. Token price 2021 2022 lottery

Also, rich Quack has an anti-whale future by preventing wallets from holding more than 1% of the total token in supply. Sells of the token is also restricted to less than 0.1% of the total supply, which means holders can’t sell more than 0.1% of the token supply.

30% of the token would be repurchased and burned, while 20% profit from Quack will be used for MEGA QUACKPOT RAFFLE.

According to token is attracting attention due to its similarity with Dogecoin. They labeled rich quack token as Dogecoin’s hottest competitor. might be called Dogecoin’s competitor, but let’s be honest here, Quack will be something else than Dogecoin. Quack token has been attracting a lot of awareness during NOV 2021.

Founder of Rich Quack?

Like many meme coins that have been established, the founder of rich Quack has chosen to remain anonymous. This poses a serious risk because they are low confidence in the token, though other projects with anonymous founders have been successful, such as Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, and more.

The most essential thing in a coin is its community, as it has been proven to be more important than the founder.

Why should you go for rich Quack?

The rich Quack follows the standard by most mem coin formula by applying a vast transaction fee of 12% on each transaction to prevent users from selling their token instead of holding their token.

What makes rich Quack unique is its launchpad, which they claim will be the future of safe and secure investment. Rich quack anti-whale also helps prevent the monopoly of the token by preventing individuals from holding more than 1%, furthermore selling larger than 0.1% of the total in supply. MEGA JACKPOT Betting AND LOTTERY program are programmed for an announcement in 2021 Q4.

How stable is the rich quack network?

Rich Quack is a BEP-20 token on the BSC . It has been independently audited by tech rate, a reliable auditor in the crypto space.

The Binance smart chain has been known as the go-to chain for meme coins due to its low fees and transaction speed.

RichQuack on Binance Smart Chain, which is secured by the proof-of-stake mechanism. 21 Proofs are chosen every 24 hours to verify the transaction and secure blockchain safety. Token Coinmarketcap price

Is Rich Quack currently trading?
Quack Token Contract Address: 0xD74b782E05AA25c50e7330Af541d46E18f36661C

Rich Quack began trading on June 9, 2021. It reached its all-time high on June 15 at $0.16536 per 1 billion Quack, but the price currently stands at $0.00000001057. (coinmarketcap, 2021).

Many experts predict that the total market cap will be 10 million USD by the end of 2021, but according to, QUACK total market cap reached the peak of $175 million on November 4, 2021, and the telegram group went up from only 13,000 members to 60k members in just a week. (, 2021)

After 5 days of the rich quack token, it attracted 1600 holders and 4000 members on the telegram group glancing within the mass of quack token. (crypto news, 2021), at this exact moment of writing this, Rich Quack Telegram is at 63119 Members.

Will rich Quack hit $0.01?

RichQuack was created with a total supply of 100 quadrillions, though 50% of that has been burned. Quack hitting 0.01$ with the total in supply will be hard to achieve. However, due to the low starting price of richQuack, a slight price increase may yield significant gains for its holders. By the end of the day, there is nothing impossible in the crypto world; RichQuack will offer great things that were never provided before. To be honest, the Richquack team is one of the bravest teams I have ever seen out there.

What is the review of rich Quack?

According to

Rich Quack 5/5 community trust score.

For more info on rich Quack:





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